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Construction Line

This project consisted of two blocks of sheltered accommodation for the elderly that had 1st floor access via a timber walkway with covered courtyard canopy. The damage was caused by fire when a wheelie bin was set alight under the walkway and the fire went up through the canopy into the roof space and down.

Our first scope of works was to attend site and support existing damaged structure with scaffold.

We then removed both roof structures and demolished two elevations of heat damaged walls to ground floor level, propping 1st floors as required and stripped the rest of the building completely back to blockwork. We then protected the site with a temporary roof.

A full rebuild was then carried out to create 8 no 1 bedroom flats, Warden’s Office, communal lounge for the residents to have social events in, paved courtyard, drainage and new secure bin storage area, bespoke steel powder coated covered stairway and walkway to access all 1st floor flats.

We took the opportunity to upgrade all units with:-

  • A pressurised unvented domestic heating system,
  • CCTV to include all external communal areas.
  • Radio linked fire alarm system.
  • Keypad entrance system.
  • New kitchen.
  • Level access showers.
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